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Change the Pattern in Louisiana

The AIDS Memorial Quilt in Louisiana

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February 7 - 11 in Baton Rouge & New Orleans

Black History Month Quilt Displays and Free Community Events Honoring Black and Latinx Lives Lost to AIDS

More than 50 sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt honoring Black and Latinx lives lost to AIDS are coming to Baton Rouge & New Orleans. Launching on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, join us from February 7-11th for five days of free events and programs.
(Read the News Release) (See Full Schedule of Events)

What is the AIDS Memorial Quilt?

The AIDS Memorial Quilt helps us remember the lives and stories of those we’ve lost to HIV/AIDS. Drivers of change use the Quilt as a powerful tool to bring generations together and raise awareness about the impact of the ongoing epidemic. Come see the Quilt at a Change the Pattern display near you!

Did you know that Louisiana has the 4th highest HIV diagnoses rate in the country and continues to disproportionately impact Black and Latinx communities? It’s time to Change The Pattern and Re-imagine The Fight to End HIV/AIDS in Louisiana.  In partnership with HBCU colleges and universities in the region – Dillard University & Southern University and A&M College – we are bringing the AIDS Memorial Quilt to Baton Rouge & New Orleans, sharing the stories of loved ones lost with free community events, quilt-making workshops, educational forums, and movie screenings for learning, sharing, and fellowship.

The five-day exhibition – one of the largest ever in the state - is part of Change the Pattern, an initiative by the National AIDS Memorial, Southern AIDS Coalition and Gilead Sciences, to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and its continued impact on communities of color and marginalized populations in Louisiana and the South.  The displays and events are free to the public.


Participate in community programs designed to raise awareness and advocacy around HIV/AIDS in the South through celebration, conversation, and reflection.


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Latest news

AIDS Memorial Quilt Heads to New Orleans and Baton Rouge to Change the Pattern and End HIV in Black and Latinx Communities; National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Spotlights Louisiana’s High Rate of HIV Diagnoses

NEW ORLEANS & BATON ROUGE, La., (Feb. 3, 2023)
– Louisiana has the fourth highest HIV diagnoses rates in the country, so beginning on Feb. 7, , sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt honoring Black and Latinx lives lost to HIV and AIDS will travel to the state as part of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayChange the Pattern, a national campaign to end HIV in Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities across the Southern United States. From Feb. 7 -11, the National AIDS Memorial, Southern AIDS Coalition (SAC), and Gilead Sciences will showcase two major displays of the AIDS Quilt at two HBCU campuses -- Dillard University in New Orleans and Southern University & A&M College in Baton Rouge.  

How we Change the Pattern

A few words from the community

“Our hope is that bringing the Quilt will shine a light on the systemic struggles our community faces still today, not just in the fight to end HIV, but the health and social justice issues that for too long have been ignored.”

"We are bringing the Quilt as a teaching tool to the South to encourage folks to educate one another, to empower one another, and to take charge of their own health in different and creative ways."

"We are trying to Change the Pattern of access. To Change the Pattern of opportunity. To Change the Pattern of people not being connected with these numbers that we hear so much about.”

“The program is helping us look at new ways to reach and actively engage communities that continue to be disproportionately impacted by HIV so we can help end the epidemic.“


For partners and the community. Find information to take an active role in your health, challenge cultural stigma and continue the legacy of advocacy for your community. 

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The National AIDS Memorial, Southern AIDS Coalition and Gilead Sciences are bringing sections of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to communities throughout the Southern U.S to highlight and honor Black and Latinx lives lost to HIV and AIDS as part of Change the Pattern, a new initiative to reimagine the response to the epidemic in the region.