It all begins with you

When we were devastated by the hardships and stigma of HIV/AIDS, we changed the pattern, becoming a stronger, more resilient community. When our quilt lacked the full spectrum of our community, we changed the pattern of our powerful legacy to center Black, Brown, and Trans communities.

Together, we will continue to change the pattern for the better. If you’d like to learn how to start conversations around HIV/AIDS, where to get tested for HIV or how you can become an advocate for HIV and AIDS-related causes you’re in the right place. 

Changing the Pattern starts with you taking an active role in your health and being an advocate for your community. That begins with getting tested and knowing your status. Visit Mississippi State Department Health site to choose which option to get a quick and confidential HIV test is best for you.

Look below to learn more about our Community Partners, get access to resources, and much more!

Jackson Emergency Relief Fund
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This funding opportunity, supported through a $100,000 grant from the National AIDS Memorial in partnership with Southern AIDS Coalition and Gilead Sciences, will provide organizations in Mississippi with rapid response funds ranging from $5,000-$10,000 to support immediate needs of communities impacted by the Jackson water crisis.

Funding will support community-based HIV/AIDS organizations in their efforts to serve constituents impacted by the current water crisis.

        > See Funding Requirements

HIV Testing Close to You
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Get affordable, private and confidential HIV testing at the closest county health department to where you live. 

Find a quick and confidential > rapid HIV testing site located close to you.

Community Based Organizations that offer HIV testing Jackson, MS

        > My brother's keeper
        > Care4Me Services
        > Grace House
        > Latino commission on AIDS

Mississippi Community Partners
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We’re thankful that the following community-based organizations, that work tirelessly to ending HIV/AIDS, understand that addressing stigma in all its forms – from our lawmakers, our providers, our communities, and even within ourselves – is essential to improving the health of people living with HIV and, ultimately, ending the HIV epidemic in the South.

AIDS Services Coalition
Awakening Love
       > Capital City PRIDE
       > Care4Me Services
       > City of Greenville
       > City of Jackson
       > Community Health Pier
       > Craftsmen’s Guild of MS
       > F.A.B.R.I.C.
       > Grace House
       > Immigrant Alliance for Justice & Equality
       > Jackson Medical Mall/Care4Me
       > Jackson State University
       > LGBTQ Fund of Mississippi
       > Love Inside for Everyone
       > Margaret Walker Center - JSU
       > Mississippi AIDSWatch
       > Mississippi Center for Justice
       > Mississippi in Action
       > My Brothers Keeper
       > Pearl Street AME Church
       > Prevention Access Campaign
       > She Project

Southern Science Educational Series
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Check out the Southern AIDS Coalition educational series Southern Science. It is an educational series built to disseminate information from Southern researchers and scientists, as well as community advocates addressing specific issues and breakthroughs pertaining to HIV science, COVID-19, and other relevant areas.Each program will feature HIV science paired with how it’s used in the South. They partner with different organizations and advocates to create accessible resources with the science AND the prevention tools necessary to end the HIV epidemic in the South.

Change The Pattern Community Toolkit
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If you are a community partner of ours please use the following items in our toolkit when communicating with your community. Click on the links below for assets that you can use to help spread the word!

CTP MS Cards-Flyers-Logos
CTP Fact Sheets-Statistics
CTP Jackson Relief Fund
Mississippi Quilt Locations
News Releases

Community Quilt Display Program
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As the largest community arts project in the world, the AIDS Memorial Quilt is a teaching tool to help educate people about HIV/AIDS, its continued impact today, and to remember the 700,000 U.S. lives lost in the four decades since the first cases were reported. Quilt displays help support local HIV/AIDS service organizations, LGBTQ+ centers, and raise awareness about the issues of health and social justice.Now is the time to plan your community display. Costs to host a section of the Quilt in your community begins at $600 and up depending on the number of blocks being displayed, plus shipping and handling fees. The fee structure is detailed in the registration.


Four decades into the epidemic, HIV continues to have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and marginalized populations, particularly in the Southern United States.  We hope you will partner with the National AIDS Memorial to bring the Quilt to your community.

Quilt Panel-Making Workshops Fund
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This funding opportunity will provide organizations with up to $5,000 to enable them to host panel-making workshops in your community. Partner with Change the Pattern by making new panels for the AIDS Memorial Quilt that honor the lives of Black and Brown people lost to HIV and AIDS related illness.

Organizing and hosting Quilt panel-making workshops in your community ensures that these legacies and stories are captured through newly-sewn panels on the Quilt. Visit xxx to learn more about the guidelines for workshops. Panels made through the workshops would become permanent sections of the AIDS Quilt.

        > See Funding Requirements